Tell Your Story With Fotobabble

FotobabbleFotobabble is a free service that provides photo and audio powered social marketing solutions for businesses, brands and nonprofits. Fotobabble’s integrated application helps organizations attract and engage audiences across web, mobile and social networks.

Check out my Fotobabble example of how you can use it with your students.

Benefits of using Fotobabble:

  • Engage and attract audiences in an integrated way across mobile, web and social networks.
  • Run unique contests and promotions from Facebook pages and offer users the ability to submit photo entries with or without audio/voice.
  • Drive high levels of audience interaction – content creation, voting, commenting, and sharing of user-generated submissions.
  • Capture and share mobile photo and audio content on location and in real time.
  • Tell compelling product or service stories with Talking Photos and Talking Slideshows.
  • Allow your staff or your fans to create and share branded holiday e-greetings personalized with photos and voice.
  • Customize the look and feel of the app using simple administrative tools and pre-designed templates.
  • Use our widgets to embed your galleries and slideshows within a website or blog or simply and easily share content via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Get started today and share your story with Fotobabble Talking Photos.
Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Level R – REMEMBERBING and C – CREATING