Retiring, Retired, Retirement!

To all my subscribers… I am officially retiring on June 1, 2022 after 33 years in education (25 in Caroline and 8 in Stafford). It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the years and providing you with resources for you, your students, or your own children.

My work website has been moved to: I will continue posting here for about a year or so. I also have a personal website highlighting macrame and other interests. Check out: to see what I’m up to. This is currently a work in progress.

I wish you all the best. Stay safe, carry on and have a good summer!

Live Captions in Chrome

Chrome has a built-in feature that will caption any video you watch online. To toggle between on and off, go to Chrome/Settings (top right menu bar), and in the search field type ‘live caption’. Under the accessibility section, you can turn the feature on or off.

Captions are a great way for any learner to improve their vocabulary or ESL students to learn and/or read the language.

Google Docs Watermarks

Watermarks are a new feature in Google Docs found under the Insert menu. Check out the short video I recorded with Screencastify to see how easy it is to add Google Watermarks to your documents. You can insert text or images. Give it a try on your next document.

Bussongs For Kid’s Songs

Bussongs offers a large collection of nursery rhymes and kid’s songs on the web along with the lyrics for kids to follow as they sing along and watch. There are currently over 2500 songs to search and choose from. Songs are searchable by genre, top listings, cartoons, recent and newly added, or use the search field to find your favorite.