Google Docs Watermarks

Watermarks are a new feature in Google Docs found under the Insert menu. Check out the short video I recorded with Screencastify to see how easy it is to add Google Watermarks to your documents. You can insert text or images. Give it a try on your next document.

Digital Art Pixel-by-Pixel

Pixilart is a free online drawing program for creative minds who want to create and express their love of drawing digitally.

ABCya’s Pixel Art is an online activity that allows users to create their own masterpiece pixel-by-pixel! With a huge pallet of colors and different sized brushes, the only limit is your own imagination!

TKSST – The Kid Should See This

There is so much science, nature, music, art, technology, history, math, food, storytelling, and good stuff out there that many kids haven’t seen or might be curious about.

The Kid Should See This is a free Webby Award-winning collection of 5,000+ kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom – and at home.

 Here are just a few topics available:

If you need an idea for the STEM FAIR, point your students to this site. 🙂

Digital Breakout Vault

This is a fantastic website for teachers!

A digital breakout is much like the in-person physical breakout done in the classroom. The main concept is to solve clues to unlock all the components in order to solve the main breakout mission. The digital format requires the internet, a device connected to the internet, paper and pencil for working out the clues, and critical thinking skills for solving clues.

As presented at the VCEC Convention 2022, Shellye Wardensky created a Google Site called Digital Breakout Vault with over 60+ breakouts she created to share with teachers and their students. She also posts breakouts created by other teachers who also want to share their work publicly.

These are just a few of topics included: Egypt, Animals, Continents, States of Matter, Famous Americans, Ancient Civilizations, Solar System, Colonial Virginia, Civil War, Reconstruction, Ocean Floor, Outer Core of the Earth, Plants, Black History Month, and Plagiarism.

If you have a breakout that you’ve made and want to share it on the Digital Breakout Vault website, please email Shellye at: She will see that you get credit for your work.

Wordle – Your Daily Word Game

Can you guess the Wordle in 6 tries or less?

Think of a 5 letter word and key it in. Click the Enter button to submit your guess. After each guess, you will be given colors on the tiles. GREEN means you’ve guessed the right letter and that the position is correct. GOLD means you guessed the right letter but it is in the wrong position. GRAY means the letter does not apply.

Wordle – your daily puzzle game!

Only one puzzle a day. Check the timer on your results screen after your play.