Annotate Meet – A Chrome Extension

Annotate Meet lets you draw on your screen during a Google Meet. Annotate Meet gives you a small set of tools that you can use to draw or type on your screen while teaching your students virtually or meeting with colleagues online.

While in a meeting with your screen shared, click on Annotate Meet in your Chrome web browser at the top right. The extension can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. The drawing tools include a variety of pen/marker sizes, a customizable color palette, basic text typing tools, and an eraser. You can also clear everything on your screen with just one click.

Annotate Meet could be useful to show students how to navigate and where to click on their own screens. Other ideas could be to give feedback on student’s work, highlight key points in a reading or on a paper they wrote. Working out math problems on a blank screen would allow you to work your screen like a whiteboard, however, you may want to take a look at Google’s Jamboard for that. It’s another whiteboard tool.