Chromebooks Are Coming

So what’s a Chromebook and why all the hype?

lenovo-n22-chromebookChromebooks are small light weight laptops that operate through Google Cloud.  The start up time occurs in less than 10 seconds compared to Windows which says, ‘this won’t take long’ and actually takes several minutes.

Apps and extensions can be added from the Google Play Store. There is no local hard drive meaning all data is stored in the cloud and data is never lost.  As long as you have a google account and internet access, you can access your data from any internet accessible device through a web browser. All settings made under your sign-on become your personalized profile.

They are affordable, effective, and durable mobile devices for the one-to-one schools love chromeinitiative in a secure learning environment.

Schools love Chromebooks and Chromebooks love Google for Education!