I’m A Puzzle

This is a free online puzzle game. You can play as many times as you want, create puzzles from your own pictures and share them with your students, but here is the best part…

Make it a Math puzzle by making the goal of the puzzle to unlock pieces by solving the math problems and then put the pieces together.

To solve a challenge just click/tap on it and enter the solution using the calculator. On desktop computers you can also use the keyboard to enter the result. If your answer is correct, a puzzle piece is revealed.

To move a piece, just click/tap on it and drag it to the desired location. Try out this sample.

Math puzzle

Scan the QR Code below to see an example of a quiz.

Prevent the Summer Math Slide

fog stone

Fog Stone Isle is an online virtual world that helps students achieve a better understanding of math concepts and fluency.
Kids are hands-on learners in FogStone Isle. From building villages to raising plants and animals, 3rd through 7th graders see the math in action and deepening their conceptual understanding.

Fog Stone includes scaffolding, manipulatives, and intelligent tutorials that support and guide children through each topic’s conceptual levels. They return often, adding to their unique world while deepening their understanding.

Help your students or your own children retain what they’ve learned in school and be steps ahead for the upcoming school year. Set up a teacher account for summer school use or a parent account for home use. Accounts are free.

Braingenie for Math and Science

Deepen mastery and sharpen problem-solving skills in the learning zone. Brought to you by CK-12, Braingenie embodies common core standards for grades 1-12. Overviews, practice sets, and short explanation videos provide students with the tools needed to succeed.

  • Learnpractice, and quiz yourself on 5,000+ skills.
  • Compete in real-time multiplayer matches.
  • Win badges and go for a top spot on the leaderboard.
  • Sign up now (it’s free!)

As the school year comes to a close, this resource would be good for students to practice in areas of weakness, move on to new skills,
or practice what they’ve already studied for mastery.

Coogle – Collaborative Mind Mapping

Here’s another Google app you might be interested in.  Coogle is a tool for building mind maps. Students work independently or collaboratively. Finished mind maps can be saved as PDF’s or PNG image files for sharing.

Use Coogle for any subject matter. It’s free and offers the following:

3 private diagrams, Unlimited public diagrams, Real-time collaboration, Over 1600 beautiful icons, Unlimited image uploads, PDF & Image download, Shared folders, Unconnected text boxes, Export as .mm and text, Comments & Chat

CK-12 Adaptive Practice for Science

This digital assessment tool provided by CK-12 adapts to student input and meets them where they are in their learning curve.

Why should You use it?

  • Question levels adjust to help students practice foundation skills or challenge them accordingly. Students who are struggling will be given recommended resources, such as videos and readings.
  • Provides the ability for students to practice at their own pace with a system that adapts to their level of understanding.
  • Access to a database of approximately 150,000 math and science questions tied directly to CK-12 Concepts.
  • Practice and quizzes assigned through CK-12 Groups can be completed on the web or via the app. Progress then shows up in students’ and teachers’ reports.