Keep Active With MOVE IT

Tired of sitting at your desk or the computer? Do you need your students to release a bit of energy?

If you answered yes to either question, then Move It is certainly worth a try. Get the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. It’s the easiest way to be reminded that you need a break. Set the notification interval and your screen will present you with a random brain break and exercise to complete in less than a minute. Hit done and the next break will arrive after the designated interval elapses again.

FlipQuiz for Classroom Review

Familiar with Jeopardy? Want to engage your students without the one-to-one technology?  Then FlipQuiz is for you!

FlipQuiz is a free web-based resource that is easy to use, low-tech, and has a simple, clean interface in both presentation mode and editor’s mode.  Create your own boards or search for others already created by educators like you.

In the toolbox provided with FlipQuiz, there are 2 randomizing tools to group students into teams or choose them individually.

Click on Demo Game to test out a real game board or view one of my own that was used in a faculty meeting to introduce the tool. My sample also shows that a game board can be embedded to a website.

Quizlet Live for Team Based Learning

This collaborative classroom activity has students working together in teams to correctly match up terms or definitions. The first team to match 12 in a row is declared the winner.

What you need to create a game:

  • A Quizlet study set (with at least 12 unique terms)
  • At least six students
  • A computer or mobile device for each student
  • 10-20 minutes of class time

How it works:

  • Students work together in randomized teams of 3 or 4
  • Teams race to match all the terms and definitions
  • Incorrect answers reset the team’s progress to zero
  • The first team to match all 12 terms correctly in a row wins
  • At the end of a game, teams view their results

PPT’s Taken A Step Further

A randomized PowerPoint is a handy activity for qballrecall and drill.
It involves all students in the class having to be on their toes not knowing when they will be called upon or what material will be presented. Add a Qball to the equation and you’ve got real engagement!

Examples of activities – reading clocks, counting money, math facts, math equations, vocabulary, roman numerals, foreign language, ESL, periodic table, and so on.

The video below demonstrates the activity, shows the code running in the background, explains the developer tool, and hones in on the one area of code that needs modified with each activity created.

If you would like a copy of an activity, contact me and I will send you one that you can make your own.

Baamboozle Your Students

Engage students in a competitive environment by working collaboratively in teams. For a quick lesson review or foreign language and vocabulary building, Baamboozle is quick to provide ready made activities and study guide activities without having to log in (or you can create your own).

  • Zero preparation needed
    Open Baamboozle in your class and jump straight into a game or study guide activity.
  • No two games the same
    Designed with replay value at its core. Answer different questions each and every time you play. It’s all done automatically of course.
  • Hassle-free set up
    Play it from a single device on a projector, smart board or monitor. No students accounts are needed. You can even play without logging in.
  • An effective teaching tool
    Students have to reproduce the answers, not just recognize them. Learning is in context, in a highly engaging and competitive environment.
Activity on IRREGULAR VERBS in game view mode working in teams.