Design-Make-Play With “The Pack”

This approach to learning and engagement supports learning experiences that develop critical thinking, computational thinking, knowledge integration, innovation, creativity, and environmental problem-solving skills.

The Pack is a game set in a future world where healthy ecosystems have faltered and resources are scarce. To restore the environment, players embark on an open-ended quest to find food and water by using their “Pack”—creatures that have unique functions such as digging, moving, holding, grabbing, and repeating. When their Pack has more than one type of creature, players combine them into algorithms to perform tasks and overcome challenges. As they advance, players create more complex algorithms that allow them to do new things.

The Pack is an all-ages game inspired by NYSCI’s groundbreaking Connected Worlds exhibit and was created by NYSCI and Design I/O. Free downloads are available for MacOSX and Windows.