Fun Formative/Summative Assessment Ideas

  • Breaking News – Students can make a breaking news image about a character, historical figure, etc. (ClassTools Breaking News Generator)
  • Comics – Students create a comic strip to demonstrate understanding of concept. (Storyboard That: limited free version)
  • Commerical/Movie Trailer – Students create a 30-second commercial advertising a reading, concept, strategy, etc. (video camera on their device, screencastify, google drive: save and share video)
  • Graffiti Wall – Students share quotes/ideas from an article or story, ways to solve a problem, or ideas about a concept on a graffiti wall. (Chart paper on classroom wall, Padlet board)
  • Memes – Students create a meme to showcase their understanding of a concept.  (Google Slides, Google Drawings)
  • Tatted Up – Students choose a character or concept and create a tattoo based on their understanding. (AwwApp Whiteboard, Google Drawing)
  • Text Me – Students create a text message conversation between two characters (fictional or real) or concepts. (Fake iPhone Text Generator, Google template)
  • Tweeter – Students create tweets to represent their understanding of a concept or from the perspective of a character (fictional or real). (Google template)
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