PlayPosit – A Blended Video Model

Students love watching videos and there is so much out there to choose from whether it be YouTube, TeacherTube, or Vimeo. What if you could take a good instructional video and prompt your students for understanding while they are watching it? 

Welcome PlayPosit!  (pronounced play-pause-it)
playposit logo

The delivery process is engaging—maintaining a high state of accountability for students via time-embedded formative assessments. Students benefit from a one-to-one experience, which gives them immediate feedback (correcting misconception in the moment) and also grants them control over their learning by allowing them to move at their own differentiated pace by pausing, rewinding and reviewing the material.

This blended model ranks high for individualized and differentiated instruction.  Sign up for your free account and browse ‘bulbs’ already created by other educators – or easily create your own.