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VSauce is a channel featured on YouTube with a wide array of education playlists on knowledge, physics, space, earth, human behaviour, and more.

Watch this interesting experiment called the Greater Good on human behaviour (25 mins) in the classic “Trolley Problem” survey.  What would you do in an actual real-life dilemma where you are faced with rerouting a train that could essentially run over 1 person to prevent it from running over 5 others.  I think you’ll find this experiment very interesting and hook you enough to explore more video content to share with your students.

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  • Why do we dream?
  • Is the earth actually flat?
  • Why way is down?
  • What is the most dangerous place on earth?
  • Is your red the same as my red?
  • Is anything real?
  • Can you solve this Ice Diamond riddle?
  • Cousins Explained; Isolation; Lenz’s Law; The Psychedelic Experience