Black or White Feature in Google Slides

Have you ever presented to a group of people using Google Slides and needed to pull your audience back in or just simply get their attention on the spot?

You can interrupt your presentation by displaying a plain black or white slide with a simple shortcut using the B or W key on the keyboard. Take a look at my example using the QR Code below.

Holiday Writing Activity

Are you interested in something different that will add a little life to your student’s writing?

Whether your students are writing a story,  a poem or lyrics to a song have them jazz it up by making the text twinkle like Christmas lights. This activity is suited for students (and teachers) familiar with Google Docs and Google Slides.  It’s sure to capture their attention all the while encouraging students to write.  Check out my example of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Students begin by writing their story or poem in a Google Doc and add the Rainbow Maker add-on for changing the text color.  They’ll use Google Slides for creating the animated story.

Scroll to Activity #6 from the link titled
Template and Activity courtesy of Eric Curts, Google Expert
Other activities include Emoji Rebus Stories, Pixel Art Ornaments, Holiday Greeting Cards, Magnetic Poetry, and Build a Snowman.

Stop Motion Animation

Google Slides is more than a multimedia presentation tool.  Not only can you make interactive whiteboard activities, but you can also create your own stop motion animation movies with just a few tips and tricks. Stop motion animation simply means that you create still slides one by one and then compile it into a movie file when done.

Think of the creative ways you and your students could use Google Slides for stop motion animation that could:

  • make science come to life demonstrate how to solve a math problem
  • re-enact a historical event
  • tell a story or retell a story you read in class
  • demonstrate how to solve a math problem

The following blog post at ControlAltAchieve gives two examples of stop motion movies and the step-by-step instructions on how to create either type.

Irregular Areas and Defining Identical