Insert Learning

Insert Learning is a Chrome extension that lets you turn any webpage into an interactive lesson.  Think about blog sites like Quora, Tween Tribune or Medium where you can take a post and highlight key points, quotes or phrases; or make comments, ask questions, or even start a discussion if you’d like.  Check out my sample below or better yet, go to the demo page and test it out for yourself.  I think you’ll find this tool to be a ‘must have’ with your Chrome web browser.  This extension can be shared and assigned to classes in google classroom.  Amazing find!  Got to have it!Insert Learning



Google’s Smarty Pins, Geography Trivia

Are you interested in testing your geography skills?  Google has engineered a fun, interactive, trivia game that tests your knowledge of the world map in six different categories.

  • March Madnesssmarty pins
  • Arts and Culture
  • Science and Geography
  • Sports and Games
  • Entertainment
  • History and Current Events

You get hints like “this is the only point in the United States where four corner states meet” and then you drop the pin as close to that location as possible. Sometimes it’s a country, city or a specific landmark.

Go to Google and type in ‘smarty pins‘ to get started.