Fun Formative/Summative Assessment Ideas

  • Breaking News – Students can make a breaking news image about a character, historical figure, etc. (ClassTools Breaking News Generator)
  • Comics – Students create a comic strip to demonstrate understanding of concept. (Storyboard That: limited free version)
  • Commerical/Movie Trailer – Students create a 30-second commercial advertising a reading, concept, strategy, etc. (video camera on their device, screencastify, google drive: save and share video)
  • Graffiti Wall – Students share quotes/ideas from an article or story, ways to solve a problem, or ideas about a concept on a graffiti wall. (Chart paper on classroom wall, Padlet board)
  • Memes – Students create a meme to showcase their understanding of a concept.  (Google Slides, Google Drawings)
  • Tatted Up – Students choose a character or concept and create a tattoo based on their understanding. (AwwApp Whiteboard, Google Drawing)
  • Text Me – Students create a text message conversation between two characters (fictional or real) or concepts. (Fake iPhone Text Generator, Google template)
  • Tweeter – Students create tweets to represent their understanding of a concept or from the perspective of a character (fictional or real). (Google template)
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Boom Cards – Your Next Interactive Tool

Boom Cards are interactive lessons created by teachers for teachers. Think of them as a cross between flashcards and quizzes.  While free, other memberships range from basic to power to ultimate and are very reasonable.

  • INTERACTIVE – game feature keeps students engaged and asking for more.
  • SELF-GRADING – easily assign lessons to students which are self-grading.
  • PAPERLESS – no printing, photocopying, cutting, or laminating.

Boom Cards are perfect for mobile devices with apps for iOS, Android, and the Kindle.  They can also be used on a Chromebook.

Please follow the links in my post to take a look around and sign up for your free or basic account today.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The gallery below is Mrs. Howard’s 3rd graders using Boom Cards for the first time. Students were given an activity on an author’s purpose. Then they read an article printed by the teacher and commented in their See Saw digital journal. Lastly, students watched a video as an intro to the next lesson on Rome.