Fisheye and Macro Lenses for iPhones

I attended a session at a technology conference last year that was given by Bea Leiderman from Goochland County Schools.  She experimented with Ollo Lenses for her iPhone which lead her to write a couple of ebooks on insects.  Photography has always been of interest to me so I decided to give it try.  These are my fisheye examples. Click on them to see the raw image in full size view.

This is an example of my macro.

macro lens – gumball

Although I was excited about my pictures, I felt the quality could be much better. I researched lenses and learned that iPro leads the industry for having the best quality lens.  They use a German made lens which explains it.  Following in second place is the Ollo brand lens.  I went back to Bea Leiderman’s website to find out what she used for her ebook photos because the quality of her macros was amazing.  She used the Ollo lens for its affordability compared to the iPro.  The brand I bought without really knowing about quality at the time was something generic by CamKix.

Anyone interested in photography using their iPhones should really consider quality, then price.  Take a look at Bea’s close-up pictures and compare them to mine if you want to see the difference for yourself.