Evaluating Educational Apps

ipadsApps are an extension of our learning experience by means of mobile devices. The following list has been put together by Apple for Learning and Teaching.


  1. Engagement – Featured App, NOVA Elements (free)
    Does the app have an intuitive interface?
    Is it user friendly?
    ‘Does the app opens new ways to learn?
  2. Developmental appropriateness – Featured App, Bobo Explores Light ($)
    Is the app’s content appropriate for the intended age group?
    Does it have  an age-appropriate interface?
    ‘Does the design appeal to the intended level’
  3. Instructional design – Featured App, BrainPop Featured Movie (free)
    Does the app support your teaching goals?
    Does it meet students learning expectations?
    Does it include interactive features that allow for feedback, assessment and reflection?
  4. Motivation – Featured App, Project Noah (free)
    Is the app’s content inviting and relevant for the intended grade level ?
    Does it include gaming principles and motivating methods?
    Does it help students connect learning with their lifeworld experiences (e.g via GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi).
  5. Accessibility – Featured App, Proloquo2Go ($$$)
    Does the app multiple learning stiles?
    Does the app include personalization features?
    ‘Does the app include a range of levels for a variety of users with differing skill levels?’