Little Alchemy 2

Combine elements to make up new elements, for example:
water and fire make up steam,
steam and the earth make up a geyser,
water and fire make up steam,
water and earth make mud

Little Alchemy2 is web-based or you can add it to your Chrome web browser as an extension that can be used offline as well. Go ahead and play around with it. It’ll get your students thinking about the states of matter.

Explore the Periodic Table

If you have an iPad or a Mac/Windows desktop and are interested in learning more about the Elements, then you’ll want to snag the app called NOVA Elements. You can explore an interactive periodic table, play a game, or watch a 2-hour program called, “Hunting the Elements.”  Search your app store and get started today.  The app is free!


Elements 4D

Element Blocks I Made Out of 2×2 Wooden Blocks

Bring this set of six beautifully designed wooden blocks to life through augmented reality with the Elements 4D app.

how it workselements

A whole new way of learning.


Part toy.

Part chemistry experiment.

Lesson plans available K-12.

Download your app today!

Works best on Android.  Currently there are a few bugs to work out on Apple devices.   🙁