Khan Academy for Kids (Grades PreK, K, 1)

Looking for a reputable resource for kids ages 2-7? Khan Academy for Kids offers both adaptive learning paths and independent learning with no ads or subscriptions. Teachers sign up and set up their classes for distance learning. This resource is worth a look especially now during our virtual start to this school year. Teachers get weekly planners, printables, daily circle time, and other tools to make learning fun and engaging.

Google Jamboard for Remote Teaching, Equati0! Extension for Math Problems

Google Jamboard is a great tool that can be used as a digital whiteboard. Using your screen share feature in Big Blue Button, you can work with students in real-time, work within Google Drive, and collaborate with any device. For example, you want to work out a math problem to show the order of operations or you’re in a session to brainstorm ideas or complete an activity together.

This video shows how to use Jamboard for remote teaching and includes the Equati0! extension for math problems.