CK-12 Adaptive Practice for Science

This digital assessment tool provided by CK-12 adapts to student input and meets them where they are in their learning curve.

Why should You use it?

  • Question levels adjust to help students practice foundation skills or challenge them accordingly. Students who are struggling will be given recommended resources, such as videos and readings.
  • Provides the ability for students to practice at their own pace with a system that adapts to their level of understanding.
  • Access to a database of approximately 150,000 math and science questions tied directly to CK-12 Concepts.
  • Practice and quizzes assigned through CK-12 Groups can be completed on the web or via the app. Progress then shows up in students’ and teachers’ reports.

CK-12 Foundation

Master Concepts and Prepare for Tests

  • Fit different learning styles.
  • Access CK-12 on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Assign concepts to students and track their performance in CK-12 classes.
  • Interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance.



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