Answer Garden for Feedback

AnswerGarden is a social word cloud that makes it easy for teams and audiences to brainstorm or share ideas, opinions, and knowledge in an easy and immediate way.  It can be used by teachers to establish the knowledge level of a class on a certain topic. It can be used as icebreakers at conferences or workshops in a fun and interactive fashion. It can be used for online brainstorming sessions.

AnswerGarden is completely free, requires no registration, and takes only 2 minutes to set up.  Take part in my AnswerGarden by clicking on the logo below!



Dotstorming is a real time collaboration board for brainstorming ideas or engaging discussion. Postings are open for comments or voting. Participants can chat with others through a chat window before or during a collaborative activity.

Boards are shareable and embed nicely to your website.

Dotstorming – Pinterest-like Collaboration Board

Looking for a brainstorming or decision making platform where participants can vote and comment using a visual polling type tool?

Dotstorming is a web-based real-time group brainstorming and decision making app that takes the process of dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic.

For example, post pictures of artwork and have students cast their vote for which picture is the work of Michelangelo, then ask students to comment by explaining why they made their choice.  Solid circles at the bottom left of the image represents votes and comments made are tallied at the bottom right.


  • Create a Dotstorming board
  • Invite participants
  • Add your ideas
  • Vote on the ideas you likedotstorming



Instant Feedback With Answer Garden

AnswerGarden is a web-based feedback tool. Use it for real time audience participation, brainstorming and classroom polling. Embed AnswerGardens to your website or as a Google Classroom assignment. Simply create a question, embed the code in your post or share the link and wahlah, you’ve planted a growing tag cloud!

QR Codes can also be generated for each AnswerGarden and data can be exported to Wordle or Tagxedo for a more appealing word cloud.

QR Code, Brainstorming

Sample AnswerGarden – feel free to take part!