Sesame Snap – Assess with Visual Evidence

sesame snap logoSesame Snap is a free app to capture student assessment and record student performance much like the SeeSaw app for digital journaling but with the option for rubrics.

Easily save photos or videos of student work on the go – even without an Internet connection!  Furthermore, record assessments using comments, rubrics, checklists and rating scales with just a few taps. Everything is automatically organized into each student’s portfolio.

You can even grant student access with unique scan codes so they can capture their own work and reflections – without ever having to memorize usernames or passwords.

Student-driven documentation
∙ Create “snaps” with photos, videos, audios, Google Docs, links or PDFs as evidence of learning.
∙ For younger learners, sign in on shared devices with QR codes instead of passwords. Or you can sign in using Google Apps for Education email/password.
∙ Import directly from 100’s of your favourite apps to show off learning in one place.

Instant authentic feedback
∙ Assess with comments, rubric, checklist or score tools that become instantly visible to students.
∙ Build trust and respect with families by inviting them to view updates in each student’s portfolio.
∙ Teachers always have control of who can see what.

Easy tracking and collaboration
∙ Tag local curriculum standards to student artifacts and assessments.
∙ Gradebook export and student portfolio makes report card writing a snap.
∙ Showcase students by their skills rather than test scores.

Schoology is Coming!

Schoology (pronounced skoo-luh-jee) is a learning management and assessment management system that delivers content and collects data online for educational purposes. If you are familiar with Google Classroom, Moodle, or Blackboard, then you already have a handle on Schoology.

This summer, Caroline County Public Schools is providing Schoology accounts to all teachers. Training will be ongoing in the 2017-2018 school year. Digital Champion Teachers who were selected through an application process, will pilot the Chromebook and Schoology initiative prior to a 1:1 rollout the following school year (2018-2019). Stay tuned for more information.


Formative runs on any internet connected device and is optimized for any 1:1, BYOD, flipped or blended classroom.  Watch your students solve problems instead of selecting answer choices. Accounts are free for teachers and students.

  • Beyond Multiple Choice – Students can type, show their work with drawings or submit images.
  • Formative Everything – Frequent formal and informal checks for understanding guarantee student growth.
  • Real-Time Intervention – Know exactly what each student needs as they learn and take immediate actions.
  • Save Time – Spend time on what matters. Say goodbye to stacks of paper to grade and manage.
  • Standards Aligned – Dive deep into the Common Core, NGSS or any custom standards and track for mastery.
  • Instant Feedback – Giving feedback has the highest impact on student learning. Now its fun and easy, too.


Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Yep, you read that right.

Plickers will let you assign cards to students in each class, so you might have, for example, six #1 cards assigned to six different students. Since they’re not in the class, the numbered cards can be shared from class to class. Think of it like Beyond Question without remotes! All you need are plickers cards and your smartphone or tablet.  That’s it.

Teachers can sign up for a free account and start entering questions to build your library.  This new technology is perfect for exit slips and questioning your class while delivering a lesson. Question types only include multiple choice and true/false.

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet today.