Wizard School For Curriculum and Creativity

Wizard School is an app for iOS and Android that was developed by educators coming from elementary and middle school backgrounds. It inspires creative thinking through exploration. Students learn about various subjects, then create pictures and videos to showcase what they’ve learned. From educators to educators, this app is free with no in-app purchases.

1. EXPLORE fascinating topics, such as science, design, languages, geography, and sports.

More than 3,000 videos, maps, and content curated by educators.

2. CREATE something awesome with fun stickers, videos, photos, and drawing tools!

Fun Challenges designed by educators will inspire you to design, tinker, and build.

Design a treehouse. Write with hieroglyphics. Make a talking president. And more!

3. SHARE your creations with family and friends with safe, private messages.

100% controlled by parents, who can monitor everything.

Parents can reply from their email and view creations on a private website.


Kodable – Programming Basics for K-5

Kodables easy to follow lesson plans focus on student outcomes for learning to code. Programming promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills that benefit students in every day life.

This coding tool is web-based and also available for Apple and Android alike.
Free Kick Starter Account Access includes:

  • Unlimited student licenses
  • 12 weeks of lessons and student activities
  • Track student mastery
  • Access on any device
  • Informal assessment tools built into lessons

Old Smartphones Wanted

If you have an old smartphone (android or iphone) that you are no longer in need of and you don’t know what to do with it, have we got use for them!
Bowling Green Elementary is collecting old smartphones for student use. We would like to outfit as many classrooms as we can with a one-to-one mobile wireless device to use throughout the year for interactive activities, informal assessments, and collaboration with peers. Donations can be sent to the main office and labeled for SANDERSON. Phones will be reset to factory default and joined to the guest network for student use. Thank you.