TKSST – The Kid Should See This

There is so much science, nature, music, art, technology, history, math, food, storytelling, and good stuff out there that many kids haven’t seen or might be curious about.

The Kid Should See This is a free Webby Award-winning collection of 5,000+ kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom – and at home.

 Here are just a few topics available:

If you need an idea for the STEM FAIR, point your students to this site. 🙂

Equatero for Math Expressions

Find the expression from a series of guesses and clues. This activity involves critical thinking. Start with an equation. Use the colors to help you decide how to form the correct expression. GREEN means it is correct, YELLOW means it is correct but in the wrong place, and RED means it is wrong. How many attempts will it take you to find the correct expression? Start simple and work your way up the ranks.

Solve Me – Who Am I?

Sharpen your math skills playing a game of “Solve Me – Who Am I?”. This interactive resource is good for number sense math concepts and algebraic equations. Play and solve puzzles at different levels. Build puzzles using coding blocks. Challenge yourself with a Bingo puzzle by solving each clue and selecting that number on the card before advancing to the next clue. Your goal is to fill in the blanks for the missing digits and solve the mystery.

This could be a bell-ringer activity or a 5-minute opening activity to start off your math class or as students log in for the day to get the gears turning in their brains. Click on the image tile below for a full view of the question type.

TeacherMade Converts Paper Files to Interactive Files

I have been asked many times, how can I make my pdf into a fillable form? Or, I have this worksheet that I want to scan and have my students digitally enter in their answers. How can I do that easily?

Well, Laura Bresko, a former K-12 school teacher has developed a free service for teachers that does that and even more. How about having those interactive, fillable forms be gradable? Yes, you heard right. These converted files can be graded for you. Imagine that! And all for free, too. Even after COVID.

Go to: and sign up with a Google account. Laura is currently working on having her service integrate with Google Classroom, therefore it is suggested you use a Google account to sign up. In 2021, Laura will likely be offering full integrations with LMS’s like Canvas, Schoology, itslearning, etc. Click features to compare TeacherMade to Google Slides.

Thanks Mel for sharing. This is a game changer!

Khan Academy for Kids (Grades PreK, K, 1)

Looking for a reputable resource for kids ages 2-7? Khan Academy for Kids offers both adaptive learning paths and independent learning with no ads or subscriptions. Teachers sign up and set up their classes for distance learning. This resource is worth a look especially now during our virtual start to this school year. Teachers get weekly planners, printables, daily circle time, and other tools to make learning fun and engaging.